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Welcome, my name is Marina Johnston.  I am an RN Psychotherapist and certified EFT Coach and specialize in helping people learn new ways to manage their emotions.

We, as humans, tend to get stuck in self defeating patterns as we try to maneuver through the unpredictability of life.  Many of these patterns lie in our emotional body, not in our conscious awareness.   That is why we can’t think ourselves out of our problems and talk therapy alone does not always work.

I use a mix of talk therapy, and EFT ‘Tapping’ to help resolve anxiety, perfectionism, trauma, and other issues that create painful emotional and psychological blocks that impact ourselves, our work, and our relationships.

The ability to manage our emotions is key to our mental health and quality of life.  In order to understand ourselves and others around us, we need to be aware of, regulate and express our emotions and to respond skillfully to the emotions of others.  Sounds simple but it is not easy to do, as most of us can attest!

Regulating emotions, especially big, difficult emotions, takes care and practice.  This is a skill that can be learned and nourished with research backed strategies.

I teach brain and body strategies during individual or group coaching sessions so that one learns to identify, process and release difficult emotions in a safe nurturing environment.  For example, talking about a painful experience while tapping and breathing helps to release the emotional charge associated with the situation so that a shift takes place that is fast, effective and sustainable.


EFT workshops delivered:

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques

The Woman Abuse Council of Toronto including: Counselors, Transitional Housing and Support Workers, and Administrative staff

Michael Garron Hospital including: Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health and Administrative staff

Individual Coaching Sessions

Talk and Tap Writing Group

Educational Workshops and Training

Mindful Parenting Program

I use a mix of strengths based, solution focused and cognitive behavioural approaches along with teaching brain/body based techniques so that you resolve your stress and anxiety in a sustainable and effective way.

This group is for women 50+ who are interested in exploring their life with the aim of understanding and releasing old stories that are blocking true self acceptance, self love, and joy.  EFT is used while sharing and group members journal between sessions.  This is a closed group that runs 3 months biweekly.  Please contact me for more information.

I teach EFT to Day Care staff to help support children to learn self regulation skills.  Some of the strategies I use are: music and movement; EFT age appropriate books for circle time; a quiet corner with a Tappy Bear; and in the moment strategies to help children self soothe. 


I teach parenting workshops to help parents learn stress management skills.  When parents are stressed and anxious, their children are too. In this workshop,  parents learn skills to feel emotionally regulated, thus creating a sense of calm and safety for their child.  I also provide Parent Coaching at



Emotions are the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Emotions are the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

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EFT as a Stress Management Tool

EFT as a Stress Management Tool

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Anxiety and EFT

Anxiety and EFT

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