Imagine if you had a free, safe and effective tool right at your fingertips to reduce stress right in the moment.  A tool that is more effective than talk therapy with quicker results, that can be used anywhere, anytime, and taught to kids as young as five.  Would you be interested?

Look no further, Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as ‘Tapping’ is a researched based self-help tool that involves gently tapping on the face and upper body which sends a signal to the brain to calm down the nervous system.  The stress response is reduced within minutes and feelings of calm and the ability to think more clearly returns. Using this stress management tool helps to regulate and tone the nervous system and build it’s capacity to handle stress better.

EFT has such powerful effects it has been approved for the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD and won the Allied Health Award in Australia (2019).

What does EFT help with? It has been shown to improve multiple biological markers which are the most indicative of a true impact: decreased stress cortisol levels (37%); decreased anxiety (40%); decreased depression (35%); decreased pain (57%); decreased PTSD symptoms (32%); decreased food cravings (74%). Not only that: Increased happiness (31%) and increased immunity boost (113%) (Stapleton, 2020).

There are no known adverse reactions to using EFT except that this tool can bring up strong difficult emotions, so it is best to be guided by a professional practitioner when you are learning this process. It does not take long to learn though, and measurable results are experienced within one session.