Anxiety is a mind-body state where the nervous system becomes activated in a stress response (fight/flight) because of a real or perceived threat.  A natural response to anxiety is the development of avoidance behaviours which paradoxically fuel the anxiety even more.  Some symptoms of anxiety include: sleep problems, feeling worried, wound up or on edge, difficulty concentrating, physical sensations such as headaches, digestive issues, muscle aches, limb heaviness and a ‘pulling’ feeling in the face.  Anxiety is typically what we experience when we are worrying about some future event  whereas an anxiety or ‘panic’ attack is associated with a situation that is occurring in the present..

Any one of us is susceptible to anxiety.  We can be predisposed genetically or by temperament.  Trauma, illness and stress can also contribute to its development.  Those of us who have perfectionistic tendencies are more prone to developing anxiety because of the unrealistic standards we set for ourselves.  Imposter syndrome is another possible cause of anxiety, which is when we doubt ourselves and abilities and worry we will be ‘found out’.

Regardless of the cause, anxiety can be debilitating and with proper support, can be overcome.  EFT is a great therapeutic tool to navigate the often turbulent waters of everyday life.

I love this quote:

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn, author and professor

In 2020, The Tapping Solution released a Science Data Research document highlighting the efficacy of EFT reducing: performance anxiety, adolescent test anxiety, and anxiety related to learning disabilities.  As well, seventy six percent of patients with chronic anxiety experienced complete remission and their brain scans confirmed their positive results (The Tapping solution: Science-Data-Research 2020).

This amazing self-help tool is right at your fingertips and there are many ways of tapping that are discreet and nobody would know you are doing it.  Give it a try!